Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Werewolf!!! Cover

So as promised, here is the cover I did for Werewolf!!! volume three, coming out this weekend at MICE!

Werewolf 3 Cover Wrap-Around

This particular cover was one of those fortunate examples of an illustration that more or less came to life fully formed. I knew I wanted to do a more detailed closeup of a werewolf, since the previous two covers had only featured werewolves at a distance or as a silhouette. This time, I wanted the cover to get in your FACE! I liked the idea of having this cover be an interior scene as well, since that was something we hadn't done yet. The whole concept just sort of flowed from there.

Werewolf 3 Cover Concept

As you can see, I didn't change much of the original thumbnail concept once I moved on to pencils. If it works then why change it, right? Even from this stage of the pencils to the final inks, the only real additions were my decision to enlarge the window slightly and the smaller detail work on the walls and floor (though of course, the devil's in the detail ain't he? Or, you know, werewolf, as the case may be.)

Werewolf 3 Cover In-Progress

And voila, the finished design, as it will appear at MICE (complete with hand painted glow-in-the-dark moon!)

Werewolf 3 Cover Final

Of course if you aren't going to be in Boston this weekend, keep an eye on the Werewolf blog where we'll be posting info on how and where you can purchase copies of Werewolf!!! once MICE is over. And you know, while you're all busy clicking on links and stuff, you might also want to check out...

Penina is a lovely lady, and has probably been the main driving force in putting the latest issue of Werewolf!!! together. Her story "Cubs" is going to be one of the main features of the book, and it looks beautiful. You don't have to take my word for it though. You can get a sneak peek by looking at the preview pages she currently has posted on her blog:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Werewolf!! Reviewed

Just a quick post! Turns out Rob Clough wrote a really nice review of the second volume of the Werewolf! anthology series over at The Comics Journal site! He makes special note of the cohesiveness of the book, which feels so validating considering how much emphasis we tried to put on that while putting the book together. He also had similar nice things to say about the first volume as you may recall, which puts us at two for two!

All of this is extra encouraging considering we are actually in the process of finishing putting together volume three! I've spent the bulk of the past few days finishing up my work on the cover, which I'll be posting more about early next week! Werewolf!!! (aka volume 3) will be premiering at the Massachusets Independent Comics Expo (aka MICE) at the end of the month. In the meanwhile, you can check out some sweet previews and links to places to order the first two volumes over at the new Werewolf Blog! Woo!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hulk, Friend?

So woke up yesterday with this sudden urge to draw Jennifer Connelly as she appears in the 2003 "Hulk" movie. I can't really justify this. Have you seen that movie? It's extremely surreal, Jennifer Connelly's performance especially. She just straight up ignores the ridiculous premise, and horrible dialogue, and incredibly strange and inconsistent tone of the film, and does her best to invest you in Betty and Bruce's messed up relationship and the disturbed and overly-complicated family drama that surrounds it. Leading to scenes like this. She's acting so hard in it, like someone forgot to tell her that it was an Incredible Hulk movie. Watching it, you can't help but be like "Hey Jennifer, take it easy! Honestly, you can give it a rest! It's okay sometimes to just take your paycheck and go home..."


You may have noticed the new banner I recently added to the site. You may also have noticed the extensive links section added to the side. I feel like I'm extremely lucky in that, partially through having attended CCS, but partially also just through luck and life, I happen to be friends with a lot of really awesome cartoonists. And while putting those links together, I decided that for the next little while I want to spend a part of every post I make highlighting some of those people.

First on my list is Laura Terry. She is from Texas, and her website claims she was raised by wolves and/or gypsies! She is also feisty and fiery and dangerous, and has a sense of style and design so finely honed it will cut you! She's currently posting a series of illustrations done during her recent trip to Kenya, which are really something to see. Check them out at her site: