Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oh my god you guys, it's my favourite holidayyyy. And, you know, Halloween so... zombies, right?

Zombie Sketches

I don't know what it is, but Halloween always fills me with such excitement. Something about the atmosphere, and people dressing up. And just everything looking so playfully sinister.

I had all these ambitions to make a big thing of it this year too. But then I got sick. So now I'm sitting around blowing my nose and watching a butt-load of horror movies instead. One may perhaps ask if this in some way diminishes the awesomeness of Halloween? If it causes Halloween to be somehow lesser? To which I reply: No. In no way whatsoever. You goddamn fool.

Josh Halloween 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paw Prints

Hey all, sorry for not updating in a couple of weeks! I've been caught up with a couple of different projects this last little while, and its been keeping me pretty busy. But rather than sitting around and whining about not having anything to update about, I thought I'd make a quick post about one of these projects instead!

Paw Prints Sample 1

"Paw Prints" is a series of strips I'm currently producing for Dartmouth College's Project GreenLite campaign, encouraging students living in residence to develop healthier energy consumption habits. The strip focuses on a lone polar bear, separated from his home, traveling the Arctic and witnessing the direct consequences that global warming is having on the environment around him. I don't want to post any full strips until they're up online, but in the meanwhile I figured I'd post a couple of panels from two of the most recent ones. The bear actually goes through some pretty serious stuff as the story goes on. But you know, that's all part of the fun.

Paw Prints Sample 2

Also doing work for the project are two other CCS alumni, the incredibly talented Bryan Stone and Jason Week. They've posted a few samples from their strips on their respective blogs as well, so you should totally check those out too!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monstros and Grills

This is a pin-up I did for Denis St. John's recently released "Monsters and Girls: Amelia" volume 3.


Click the image for a larger version. "Amelia" itself is such a weird mix of horror and humor and sexuality, and I tried to run with that as much as I could while making this. Playing with the sort of "cheesecake" aspect, while trying to keep it somewhat unsettling at the same time. It was actually really fun. And all of this was, of course, inspired by...

Okay, so I am a dude that really enjoys horror movies. Because of this, Denis St. John is one of my favorite cartoonists ever. He understands horror better than most of us probably ever will, with a knack not just for conveying the terrifying and the grotesque, but also for knowing how to make it fun. His comics are ridiculous, expressive, and over the top, and - most importantly - frickin' scary. And especially around this time of year, what more could you ask for? The third volume of his current comic just came out, and the first two are available to purchase through his website. You should give them a look!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smoking is Bad

Just a quick warm-up drawing from earlier today, before getting down to inking some comics pages. It's a young hipster girl smoking, as they sometimes do.

Smoking Girl

Some days I love using brush so, so much.

Friday, October 1, 2010

In Other News...

You know what I love? This guy...


I think one of my all time favorite Gamera scenes is at the end of Gamera: Advent of Legion, after Gamera has defeated the evil alien threat and everything is safe again. Everyone's relieved, and the main characters are all walking and laughing and talking about how great Gamera is, when the main scientist lady is suddenly like: "Gamera's job is to protect the planet! And if humans continue to pollute the earth then Gamera will be very angry!" Then she just stares straight into the camera for an uncomfortable period of time. Then Gamera roars. Then the movie ends.

In other news, the White River Pirates comic I did awhile back is currently appearing in this week's Seven Days Magazine! The comic is a jam between me and my good friend Nick Patten, and was reformatted and colored by the amazingly talented Joseph Lambert. If you're in Vermont you should be able to pick it up anywhere that fun alternative weeklies are to be found, and if you're not then you can just read it online over here.