Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hulk, Friend?

So woke up yesterday with this sudden urge to draw Jennifer Connelly as she appears in the 2003 "Hulk" movie. I can't really justify this. Have you seen that movie? It's extremely surreal, Jennifer Connelly's performance especially. She just straight up ignores the ridiculous premise, and horrible dialogue, and incredibly strange and inconsistent tone of the film, and does her best to invest you in Betty and Bruce's messed up relationship and the disturbed and overly-complicated family drama that surrounds it. Leading to scenes like this. She's acting so hard in it, like someone forgot to tell her that it was an Incredible Hulk movie. Watching it, you can't help but be like "Hey Jennifer, take it easy! Honestly, you can give it a rest! It's okay sometimes to just take your paycheck and go home..."


You may have noticed the new banner I recently added to the site. You may also have noticed the extensive links section added to the side. I feel like I'm extremely lucky in that, partially through having attended CCS, but partially also just through luck and life, I happen to be friends with a lot of really awesome cartoonists. And while putting those links together, I decided that for the next little while I want to spend a part of every post I make highlighting some of those people.

First on my list is Laura Terry. She is from Texas, and her website claims she was raised by wolves and/or gypsies! She is also feisty and fiery and dangerous, and has a sense of style and design so finely honed it will cut you! She's currently posting a series of illustrations done during her recent trip to Kenya, which are really something to see. Check them out at her site: http://www.bravesailor.com/

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  1. Whereas in your new web page header you are hard at work, this is how I picture you actually working... http://people.virginia.edu/~ma5ke/other/images/gaston.jpg