Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oh my god you guys, it's my favourite holidayyyy. And, you know, Halloween so... zombies, right?

Zombie Sketches

I don't know what it is, but Halloween always fills me with such excitement. Something about the atmosphere, and people dressing up. And just everything looking so playfully sinister.

I had all these ambitions to make a big thing of it this year too. But then I got sick. So now I'm sitting around blowing my nose and watching a butt-load of horror movies instead. One may perhaps ask if this in some way diminishes the awesomeness of Halloween? If it causes Halloween to be somehow lesser? To which I reply: No. In no way whatsoever. You goddamn fool.

Josh Halloween 2010


  1. ZOMBIE COFFEE! Have you checked out the "Masters of Horror" series on Hulu? Free braaaaiiins... I mean, free short horror fiiiiilms!

  2. Oh man, that would be AMAZING if it weren't for the fact that there's NO HULU IN CANADA!! I really want to see more of that series some time too. I saw Stuart Gordon's "Dreams in the Witch House" and loved it, and I've been meaning to see "Cigarette Burns" and that Lucky McKee one, "Sick Girl," for FOREVER!