Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Comics, New Comics

I just made two new additions to the comics section of this here blog, both of which are comics slightly on the older side. To be honest, I actually came pretty close to deciding not to put them up at all. It's hard for me to not look at these particular pieces now and not have part of myself go, "Gawd! But it's so... so... UNREFINED!" (I mean honestly, the lettering alone! Egads!) However, in both these cases there was at least something to the stories that made me want to put them up rather than leave them to die a slow, slow death in the obscurity of my computer's hard-drive.

The first of them was a comic produced as part of an anthology assignment during my first year at CCS. Our anthology theme was "chance," and my initial idea for the comic was mostly born as an excuse to make a really bad pun. You can actually read a fairly flattering review of this comic on the 365 Zines a Year blog over here. Although maybe you'll want to read the actual comic first. I dunno, man. It's up to you.

The second is actually even older, and is the comic I was required to produce as part of my initial application to CCS. The comic needed to be a minimum of four pages, and needed to involve yourself, a robot, a snowman, and a piece of fruit. I remember a good friend of mine, not long after finishing this, telling me it was in her estimation the best comic I'd done up to that point. And another good friend, having read this comic before actually meeting me, later telling me that the comic had led her to assume that I was some kind of giant jerk. Heh, so you know. You guys be the judge!

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