Monday, May 23, 2011

Werewolf 4

"Old Bones" page 6

So just some quick news! Volume four of the Werewolf Anthology premiered at MeCAF this past weekend, and I've got an eight page story in it! I posted a couple of in-process photos of me working on this over on my tumblr recently, and there's a preview of the finished pages over on the Werewolf blog, so check those out if you want a bit of a sneak peek.

The book should be available shortly through the Werewolf Anthology site now that MeCAF is through, so keep a look out! My story aside, there's a ton of awesome people in this anthology, it's definitely worth a read. And look out as well for Were-Pups, the kid-friendly sister book to this volume of the anthology! How can you say no to that Nick Patten cover? Kids need werewolf comics too, y'know!

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