Monday, August 8, 2011

Here be Dag-rons

So Josh, what have you been doing with your time? Oh, you know. Reading A Dance With Dragons. Playing Dragon Age: Origins. Watching the movie Dragonslayer. I, um... I might have a problem... Yet where others might easily recoil at this parody of a life I have somehow shambled my way into, me, I choose to embrace it! Dragons are awesome, man. You cannot argue with this.


In other news, Rob Clough put up a nice review of Werewolf IV and Werepups, along with a bunch of other snazzy CCS anthologies, over on his blog. Kind words from Rob, and very much appreciated, as always. It's encouraging to hear him mention his interest in Darcy, my werewolf hunter character, too. She has been a central part of what I've been working on for the last little bit. Some of you regular blog readers know what I'm talking about. More on that down the line.