Monday, June 4, 2012

Angst Man & Updates

Hey all! Here are a couple illustrations I recently did for an animation project pitch a couple friends are putting together. It's the story of "Angst Man," a 90s superhero throwback, and his beleaguered former sidekick with whom he moves in. It's a fun concept, and served as a nice little break from a lot of the other comics stuff I've been busy working on this last little while.



In other news: Its already been some time since, but TCAF was a total blast! It was awesome selling some comics, and seeing and catching up with old friends (and some new ones too!). My buddy Beth - who has been a wayyyy more prolific blogger than I've been as of late - did a kickass write-up about it over here. You can also read a brief interview I did for the Torontoist at the show over here.

Also! Cartoon College is finally out, and has begun screening at festivals! I haven't seen it myself yet, but the people I know who have have had nothing but good things to say about it. Which is pretty exciting stuff! I'll try to keep this blog updated as things continue to develop, but in the meanwhile you can follow it on facebook and see if it's going to be screening anywhere near you!

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