Monday, December 31, 2012

Things to Come...

Alright, here we are folks, last blog post of 2012! Blogging it out right down to the wire, apparently. 2012 was a pretty solid year though, hey? Had a lot of fun, did a lot of living, and got a lot of things done behind the scenes.

"But wait a minute," I hear you say. "What's with all this 'behind the scenes' nonsense you keep talking about, ya big phoney. All 2012 long, all I've ever heard from you is 'got a lot going on behind the scenes,' or 'getting a lot of pages done, I just can't share 'em yet'! Well you know what? I'm SICK OF IT! You're all talk, Rosen! ALL TALK!"

To which I respond: "Hey, watch your mouth buddy! That's certainly no way to start a conversation! Comics take a lot of time! Also, your face is dumb!" All of which being said... alright, okay, so maybe you have a point. I'll admit, I've been spending a lot of the past year talking a lot of game. Doing a lot of tell and not a lot of show. Which doesn't really help anyone in the end. But hey, don't you worry! Because that time hasn't been spent doing nothing! And 2013 is looking to be a whole other beast for your pal Josh. No firm dates in place yet, but there'll be something of some sort before the year's through. And it's gonna look a little like this...

Darcy 2013 Preview


  1. Must... practice... patience...


  2. Well, hopefully it'll be coming sooner rather than later! Just stay tuned!