Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You've Got A Lot of Blogs to Check Out

Hey! So remember that super secret extra special comics project I teased around New Years? Well I'm starting to post it on my tumblr! New pages are going to be going up there every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the far distant future! I'll of course keep updating stuff on this here blog as the project continues to develop, but ya know, you can just start following my tumblr if you wanna see the good stuff as it's coming out. And oh, there is indeed some good stuff a-coming.

Also! While your checking out things on tumblr, why don't you check out my good buddy Nick Patten's new blog too! Nick's one of my favourite dudes, and he tends to pump out some pretty slick looking stuff. Also! You should check out some of the cool stuff my buddy Keith Jones has been putting up on his tumblr lately as well! He's been posting huge chunks of the current book he's working on, and it's looking goddamn beautiful! So yeah, remember to check those out too!

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