Thursday, September 19, 2013


So SPX happened, and it was a real fun time! Much was learned about comics, about ourselves, about the nature of FRIENDSHIP... And if you have any doubts, just look upon this picture of myself with my lovely tablemates, Chris and Marta. Revel in the friendship just streaming out of this sucker!

In all seriousness though, it really was an enjoyable show. Both the first print collection of Darcy Cheyne: Werewolf Hunter and my angsty teen comic Rage Forever made their debut and - with the exception of one minor snafu on the part of the print-on-demand company used for Darcy - I'm pretty pleased with how both books turned out. It was also really great catching up with some old friends and making some new ones as well, and just seeing folks and talking comics all weekend long. Comics, you guys! What's not to like? WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE??

In non-SPX news: a Spanish-language comic I did as part of a collaboration with the University of Iowa International Writing Program a few months back, El Equilibrista, is now online. Story by Angel Franco, art and layout by yours truly. The comic was partially inspired by the final performance of famous tightrope walker Karl Wallenda in San Juan. It's in Spanish of course, but as someone who does not speak the language, I think it still reads pretty well. You can also see some of the other comics done as part of this project over here.

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